About Us

Founded in 2014 by Allan and Sarah. Scientists by training with a passion for beer. After working all over the world in science and brewing.

It was during this period that we began to think what the ethos would be of our ideal company. From that the Atom story began. Our ethos has not been just about making beer, our long-term goal is to create an educational environment to inspire students across all age groups and build a community.

We wanted the name Atom to represent, science, education, transparency and simplicity.

Our story so far has been one of up’s and down’s. We launched our brewery 2014 in an industrial unit In Hull, England, funded through support from family, friends, community. We are an independent business with its heart firmly placed in Hull. In 2018 we opened our first venue in Hull city centre, taking 200 years of history and creating an inclusive welcoming venue with great food, brilliant personable staff. This has been followed with our second venue in Beverley in 2020, taking another historic building and transforming it into something special.

We have produced hundreds of different beers, distributed across the UK and beyond. We aim to not only produce beer that is drinkable, approachable and flavour forward.

We package our beers in cask, keg and can. Showcasing our beers in dispense formats that bring put the best in the beer. Drop us a message to find out more.

Join us on our journey through science, beer and education.