Wow! What a fantastic surprise we had this week! In case you missed it all, we won 2 awards from a fantastic consumer based rating website called RateBeer. Not only were we voted the Best Brewery in East Yorkshire and but we also won Best Beer in East Yorkshire with Phobos and Deimos Rye IPA.

We would like to thank all our fans who have helped us win this double whammy. Without your ratings, we would not have achieved this feat. There is some formidable competition in our region, and some well established and extremely competent breweries with great fan bases nationwide. It makes us extremely proud to here that we have developed a respectable profile in our region and further away. For us, the awards give us extra drive to continue our odyssey of merging science, experimentation and teaching into all we do and brew! Our head Brewer Jack is quite literally dancing through the brewery with sheer joy, the Best Beer medal around my neck. I know, I know, that is not a pretty picture!

So whilst we celebrate, I think it is about time we update you all on the direction and future of Atom Beers. For one, a brand new 150l pilot brew kit will shortly be arriving, bringing the ability to experiment and tinker with new and interesting brews, allow Jack to fulfill his barrel ageing and sour programme dreams, and act as a learning tool for our soon-to-be-renewed Beer School. Yes, thats right. The beer school will be back, bolder and badder than ever!

Keep your eyes peeled for the first pilot brew too… a collaboration with BrewDog Leeds and a homebrew competition winner. Lucky so and so!

We are also looking for somebody to join our team as an Assistant Brewer and help us as the company grows and the orders keep flying in! Ideally, we would like someone passionate about beer, who is highly motivated, energetic and has a willingness to learn. You would be joining a very dynamic and exciting workplace at a time when the business is growing rapidly. If you think this description fits you, have a look at the Classified Ads section of the SIBA website (link below) for more details, and get your CV in quick.

Finally, some new beers roll out of the door in the next couple of weeks. The first, another in our range of collaborations with The Blending Room, a big and bombastic coffee porter! Using James’ expertise, we have merged a brilliantly chocolate biscuity Brazillian Fazenda coffee with a rich and complex malt bill. Expect a rich and decadent base beer that allows the unique characteristics of the coffee to sing over the top. A launch night at Furley and Co in Hull is on the 18th February, it’ll be a blast!

Then next up is Clementine Mission, a saison aged with clementines, a homemade jam and a fair whack of Summit hops for good measure. Beautifully light and refreshing, with tons of spicy and phenolic saison yeast character, balanced by big juicy citrus fruit flavours. Keep your eyes open for this beauty in the very near future.

One last time we would like to thank everybody for their continued support, and we look forward to a crazy year of mad concoctions, extremely messy meet the brewer events, and much, much more!



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