Experimentation with ingredients is a significant aspect of what we do, from spices, fruits to teas/coffees and hops. To truly showcase each countries hops we created our Origin series, beers with the same abv of 5.2%, a complex malt base to give thick and rich mouthfeel and changing hops focused on specific countries.

Next up is our all American Feynman Diagram APA.

Richard Feynman was an eccentric, brilliant, American Nobel prize winning particle physicist. Amongst his many contributions to science, he saw order and beauty in hidden subatomic interactions and revealed these unseen rules Feynman diagrams.

Here we pay homage to hidden complexities in an American pale ale. At first glance, a pale summer beer. However on drinking a surprisingly complex and subtle malt and hop bill lead to a soft, juicy and saturated beer. Using extra pale malt, a touch of oats and wheat, the foundation malts are doughy malts with a thick and rich mouthfeel. Once again, our hopback is centre stage, packed full of Mosaic, Summit and Chinook, extracting a menagerie of citrus fruits, mango, papaya, passion fruit and some dank resinous notes. Not content, we have double dry hopped with this mega trio to increase the aroma to a ridiculous level, yet maintain a smooth and juicy beverage. Chunky, saturated and swimming with hop oils, but in the fruitiest way we can.

This will satiate your hop thirst in a multitude of ways.

And if all else fails, you can always play the bongos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWabhnt91Uc